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Riviste on-line

American Communication Journal


Commissioned by the American Communication Association's Board of Directors at the 1996 Annual Convention in historic Charleston, South Carolina, The American Communication Journal is a completely online, blind-reviewed publication, dedicated to the conscientious analysis and criticism of significant communicative artifacts. Appreciating the diversity of research agendas and methodologies in the study of communication, the Co-Editors and Editorial Board of ACJ welcome submissions on any topic related to the discipline




ARTNODES is an e-journal promoted by the UOC, the aim of which is to analyse the intersections between art, science and technology.

ARTNODES publishes contributions that focus on the reflection and study of the intersections between art, science and technology, from a formal, historical and conceptual point of view.




Avatar è una rivista che vuole intrecciare e trovare soluzioni inedite al rapporto tra antropologia e comunicazione. La rivista parte dall'ipotesi che nuovi territori immateriali si stanno configurando secondo scenari innovativi a causa di una radicale disgiuntura rispetto a paradigmi, concetti, metodi, forme della rappresentazione e conflitti.


Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine


Published monthly from 1994 to 1999, CMC Magazine reported on people, events, technology, public policy, culture, practices, study, and applications related to human communication and interaction in online environments.



CTHEORY is an international journal of theory, technology and culture. Articles, interviews, and key book reviews in contemporary discourse are published weekly as well as theorisations of major "event-scenes" in the mediascape. Edited by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker.



Un osservatorio dei fenomeni in Rete: oltre i confini virtuali La rivista è un osservatorio dei fenomeni in Rete, al di là dei confini culturali e delle restrizioni alla navigazione che alcuni governi impongono. Per offrire spunti di riflessione e seminare risorse di conoscenza, ma anche per stimolare la curiosità: segnalando un magazine d'arte in Thailandia o d'attualità in Mongolia, una radioweb in Giamaica o un portale d'informatica indiano.


Culture Machine


Culture Machine is a series of new experiments in culture and theory. Culture Machine is currently taking the form of an international electronic journal. Acting as additions or supplements to the e-journal are the Culture Machine Reviews section and the Culture Machine InterZone.




CYBERGEO, the electronic European Journal of Geography, is intended to promote faster communication of research and greater direct contact between authors and readers. Created with the aim of encouraging the exchange of ideas, methods and results, it gives European geographers the possibility of writing in their mother tongues. It deals with the entire range of geographical concerns and interests, with no preferences for any particular school or theme. A high scientific standard is ensured by submitting communications to an international committee of readers. By hosting discussion and mailing list the journal aims to stimulate open debate and intellectual exchange.


Cybersociology - Issue Six: Research Methodology Online, 06 August 1999



Cybersociology Magazine


Cybersociology Magazine was launched on 10 October 1997 as a forum for the cross-disciplinary academic discussion of life online. It ran for approximately two years, until 01 September 1999, and seven web based issues were published.


Cybersociology Magazine


Cybersociology is a non-profit multi-disciplinary webzine dedicated to the critical discussion of the internet, cyberspace, cyberculture and life online. Cybersociology Magazine is a forum for the discussion of the social scientific study of cyberspace. Every few months, this e-zine will strive to publish at least three original articles dealing with cyberspace, the Internet, and online communities. Each issue will also contain book and site reviews.




Rivista internazionale underground




IT&Society, Volume 1, Issue 4, Spring 2003, pp. i-iv - Of all the issues that have been spawned by the Internet, none has attracted as much scholarly and policy attention as what is referred to as the “digital divide”. The term was originally used to publicize findings from NTIA national surveys (NTIA 1997) showing the large differences in access to IT by low income groups, minorities, women and the elderly among other groups in society. However, the term was reportedly coined first by Markle Foundation President Lloyd Morrissette. Whatever its origin, the term has been widely interpreted to cover a variety of gaps in American society, as well as differences between the US and other Western countries and the rest of the world (e.g., Norris 2001). -

Digital Review of Asia Pacific


The Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2003/2004 Edition is co-published by the following organisations. Click on the names for more information about each of the organisations. Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme of the United Nations Development Programme Pan Asia Networking Programme of the International Development Research Centre Orbicom Southbound

Orbicom International Secretariat , Canada



Enculturation is a refereed journal devoted to contemporary theorizations of rhetoric, writing, and culture. We accept academic arguments, broadly construed, in all media forms suitable for web-based publication, including conventional articles, hypertexts, and multimedia projects.



ephemera is an electronic forum for developing and extending discussions of critical perspectives on organization. ephemera is transdisciplinary and encourages contributions from a broad spectrum of academics, researchers, activists, practitioners, employees and other members of organizations. ephemera invites critical discussions of a range of issues relating to organizations and organizing in their widest senses.


Fata Morgana


“Fata Morgana” nasce per iniziativa di un gruppo di docenti, studiosi e critici che lavorano presso il Corso di laurea in DAMS dell'Università della Calabria, e al contempo coinvolge figure di filosofi, estetologi e artisti che riflettono sul rapporto fra immagine e pensiero, cinema e filosofia.


Fibreculture Journal


FibrecultureJournal is a peer reviewed journal that explores the issues and ideas of concern and interest to both the Fibreculture network and wider social formations. The journal encourages critical and speculative interventions in the debate and discussions concerning information and communication technologies and their policy frameworks, network cultures and their informational logic, new media forms and their deployment, and the possibilities of socio-technical invention and sustainability.


First Monday - Peer Reviewd Journal On The Internet


First Monday is one of the first openly accessible, peer–reviewed journals on the Internet, solely devoted to the Internet. Since its start in May 1996, First Monday has published 638 papers in 112 issues; these papers were written by 756 different authors.

Hyperrhiz: new media cultures


Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures provides a forum for experimental new media projects (both critical and creative) located outside or across current disciplinary boundaries. Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures is a peer-reviewed satellite journal of Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge, housed at Bowling Green State University, Department of English, Bowling Green OH 43403. Hyperrhiz is published twice-yearly, with additional dynamic content available year round.

Bowling Green OH

Information Research


Information Research is a freely available, international, scholarly journal, dedicated to making accessible the results of research across a wide range of information-related disciplines. It is privately published by Professor T.D. Wilson, Professor Emeritus of the University of Sheffield, with in-kind support from the University and its Department of Information Studies.




Information Research, is an open access, international, scholarly journal, dedicated to making accessible the results of research across a wide range of information-related disciplines. It is privately published and edited by Professor T.D. Wilson. It is hosted, and given technical support, by Lund University Libraries, Sweden. Editorial support is provided by the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, Gothenburg University and Högskolan i Borås.


InterActions - UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies


Throughout the social sciences and humanities, there is a continuing trend toward interdisciplinarity. An important goal of InterActions is to further, in a careful and coherent way, this process of cross-fertilization. Within education, there is increasing awareness both of the connections between the various sub-disciplines in the field, as well as between education and other fields in the academy.


International Journal of Learning and Media


The International Journal of Learning and Media (IJLM) provides a forum for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to examine the changing relationships between learning and media across a wide range of forms and settings. Our focus is particularly, but by no means exclusively, on young people, and we understand learning in broad terms to include informal and everyday contexts as well as institutions such as schools. We are especially interested in the broader social and cultural dimensions of these issues and in new and emerging media technologies, forms, and practices. We are particularly keen to promote international and intercultural exchange and dialogue in the field and encourage contributions from a variety of academic disciplines and perspectives, including papers from practitioners and policy-makers. Through scholarly articles, editorials, case studies, and an active online network, IJLM seeks to provide a premier forum for emerging interdisciplinary research and debate and to help shape the development of the field around the world. We publish contributions that address the theoretical, textual, historical, and sociological dimensions of media and learning, as well as the practical and political issues at stake.

International Journal of Social Spaces


The hallmark of the most exciting developments in contemporary social theory and research is that issues of space and culture are placed to the fore.The distinction of Space and Culture is its grounding in everyday life: the habitual, and the mundane practices which make up the material of contemporary culture.Space and Culture is a cross-disciplinary journal which fosters the publication of reflections on a wide range of socio-spatial arenas such as the home, architecture, urbanism and geopolitics. We encourage the application of contemporary theoretical debates in cultural studies, discourse analysis, post-colonialism to research on sexuality, migrant and diasporic identities, virtual identities and virtual citizenship.


Journal for Patterns Recognised


The Journal for Patterns Recognised is a new journal dedicated to the study of distorted pattern recognition.. Small wonder that in the long history of research into speculative modes of knowledge practised by writers, artists and revolutionaries of all sorts, methods for experimental pattern recognition have always been important (i.e. cut-ups, scrying, generative walks, hallucinatory substances). The Journal for Patterns Recognised seeks to widen the understanding of these methodologies. Only in our own time, the fundamental importance of pattern recognition for cognition has come into full view, consequently we can only now place the phenomena centre-stage in the history of counterculture.

Journal of Emerging Technologies and Society


The International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Society (iJETS), formerly The Australian Journal of Emerging Technologies and Society (AJETS), is a multi-disciplinary journal, focusing on the complex relationship between science and technology and their wider socio-cultural contexts. Perhaps more importantly, iJETS is designed as a forum for informed discussion and debate about the role of technology in society, drawing on a variety of viewpoints from all branches of the social and behavioural sciences and humanities.


Journal of Mundane Behavior


Journal of Mundane Behavior, co-hosted by the Department of Sociology/Anthropology at Millersville University and the Department of Sociology and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at California State University, Fullerton, is a blind peer-reviewed scholarly and publicly-oriented journal devoted to the study of the "unmarked" -- those aspects of our everyday lives that typically go unnoticed by us, both as academics and as everyday individuals.


Journal of OnLine Behavior


he Journal of Online Behavior (JOB) is concerned with the empirical study of human behavior in the online environment, and with the impact of evolving communication and information technology upon individuals, groups, organizations, and society. It is a peer-reviewed, behavioral science/social science journal, with editorial board members from several countries and disciplinary affiliations. The journal is published electronically on the World Wide Web, and in printed form.


Journal of Online Behavior (JOB)


The Journal of Online Behavior (JOB) is concerned with the empirical study of human behavior in the online environment, and with the impact of evolving communication and information technology upon individuals, groups, organizations, and society. It is a peer-reviewed, behavioral science/social science journal, with editorial board members from several countries and disciplinary affiliations. The journal is published electronically on the World Wide Web, and in printed form. Each article published on the Web will be accompanied by an interactive discussion space, a pointer to which will accompany the article site. Significant comments from discussions may accompany the paper publication.



Kairos is a refereed online journal exploring the intersections of rhetoric, technology, and pedagogy. Each issue presents varied perspectives on special topics such as "Critical Issues in Computers and Writing," "Technology and the Face of Language Arts in the K-12 Classroom," and "Hypertext Fiction/Hypertext Poetry


m @ g m @


m @ g m @, rivista elettronica trimestrale di Scienze Umane e Sociali, è il progetto editoriale dell'Osservatorio dei Processi Comunicativi, fondata e diretta dal Sociologo Orazio Maria Valastro nel luglio del 2002. La rivista è pubblicata e diffusa su internet e si propone di promuovere la collaborazione e la partecipazione di esperti e cultori delle metodologie e degli approcci qualitativi, in vari ambiti delle scienze umane e sociali, contribuendo alla produzione di un insieme complessivo di conoscenze e di pratiche, caratterizzandosi inoltre come uno strumento d'approfondimento e perfezionamento.




Net Art Review focuses on net-art and its crossover to other fields in new media. The purpose of the site is to provide a space for sharing links to material that contributing writers find interesting, which include actual net-art projects, exhibition opportunities, online resources, as well as news.

PoPmatters - the magazine of global culture


PopMatters is an international magazine of cultural criticism. Our scope is broadly cast on all things pop culture, and our content is updated daily, Monday through Friday. We provide intelligent reviews, engaging interviews, and in-depth essays on most cultural products and expressions in areas such as music, television, films, books, video games, sports, theatre, the visual arts, travel, and the Internet.



Reartikulacija* is an art project by the group Reartikulacija (Marina Grzinic, Stas Kleindienst, Sebastjan Leban and Tanja Passoni). It is based on a precise intervention logic; through contemporary theory, critic, art projects, activism and self-organization it aims to intervene in Slovene and international space.




RhetNet is a concerted effort to see what publishing on the net might be in its "natural" form. Without leaving our print heritage behind entirely, we want to adapt to the net rather than only adapting net publishing to print-based convention.




Rhizomes oppose the idea that knowledge must grow in a tree structure from previously accepted ideas. New thinking need not follow established patterns. Rhizomes promotes experimental work located outside current disciplines, work that has no proper location. As our name suggests, works written in the spirit of Deleuzian approaches are welcomed but not required.

Bowling Green State University

Sociological Research Online


Sociological Research Online publishes high quality applied sociology, focusing on theoretical, empirical and methodological discussions which engage with current political, cultural and intellectual topics and debates.
The Department of Sociology at the University of Surrey has an international reputation as a centre of excellence in both research and teaching. It is one of only six sociology departments in the UK to have obtained the highest possible rating of 5** in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise, and has a vibrant and thriving research culture with strengths in a number of fields, brought together under our four research groupings and underpinned by methodological innovation and rigour. The research groupings are: Age, Generation and Everyday Life; Criminology and Criminal Justice; Culture and Identity; Developments in Methodology, and Science, Environment and Technologies. The Department also has expertise in ageing and gender, and sleep, along with new developments in social simulation, and Access Grid Nodes as a data collection tool for social research.


Telema - attualità e futuro della società multimediale


Nell'estate del 2002 prende il via la collaborazione della Fondazione Ugo Bordoni con Media Duemila, attraverso la coedizione de "I quaderni di Telèma", un inserto a carattere prevalentemente monografico.


The Internet Protocol Journal


This journal is not intended to promote any specific products or services, but rather is intended to serve as an informational and educational resource for engineering professionals involved in the design, development, and operation of public and private internets and intranets. The journal carries tutorial articles ("What is...?") as well as implementation/operation articles ("How to..."). It provides readers with technology and standardization updates for all levels of the protocol stack and serves as a forum for discussion of all aspects of internetworking.

The Journal of Haitian Studies - Editor Claudine Michel University of California, Santa Barbara


The Journal of Haitian Studies is the official publication of the Haitian Studies Association. It is the only refereed scholarly journal dedicated solely to scholarship on Haiti and Haiti's relations with the international community. It is published through the Center for Black Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The Journal's editorial board consists of leading national and international scholars specializing in a wide range of academic fields, including political science, sociology, education, literature, and religion. The Journal accepts manuscripts in English, French, Haitian Kreyol, and Spanish.

University of California, Santa Barbara, USA



The transnational multi-year research project translate aims at exploring the political articulation of the notion of cultural translation in artistic practices as well as in political social movements through a number of arts and exhibition projects, discursive events and networking practices from 2005 to 2008.

Vienna, Austria



Undergrowth is an online media publishing project committed to art, writing and digital media interested in social change, cultural evolution, futureology and environmental sustainability. Through mixing short fiction with political reportage, visual art, photography, comics and video and making it free on the internet, Undergrowth is developing an organic network for young Australian artists and activists to collaborate.




VIROSE is a non-profit organization dedicated to art and media technology based in Porto, Portugal. Normally is designated simply as an organization for the theory and practice of the old and the new media (Virose - art, theory, practice). It gathers artists, programmers, architects and others and runs a server with several areas, including an e-zine [http://www.virose.pt/vector] and free hosting areas.




Webology is an international peer-reviewed journal in English devoted to the field of the World Wide Web and serves as a forum for discussion and experimentation. It serves as a forum for new research in information dissemination and communication processes in general, and in the context of the World Wide Web in particular. Concerns include the production, gathering, recording, processing, storing, representing, sharing, transmitting, retrieving, distribution, and dissemination of information, as well as its social and cultural impacts. There is a strong emphasis on the Web and new information technologies. Special topic issues are also often seen.