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The Ideology of Free Culture and the Grammar of Sabotage


Pasquinelli, Matteo

Bringing post-Operaismo into network culture, this text
tries to introduce the notion of surplus in a contemporary media
debate dominated by a simple symmetry between immaterial and material
domain, between digital economy and bioeconomy. Therefore a new
asymmetry is first shaped through Serres' conceptual figure of the
parasite and Bataille's concepts of excess and biochemical energy.
Second, the crisis of the copyright system and the contradictions of
the so-called Free Culture movement are taken as a starting point to
design the notion of autonomous commons against the creative commons.
Third, a new political arena is outlined around Rullani's cognitive

capitalism and the new theory of rent developed by Negri and
Vercellone. Finally, the sabotage is shown as the specular gesture of
the multitudes to defend the commons against the parasitic dimension
of rent.

* The living energy of machines.
* Michel Serres and the cybernetic parasite
* Digitalism: the impasse of media culture
* The ideology of Free Culture
* Against the Creative Anti-Commons
* Towards an Autonomous Commons
* Rent is the other side of the Commons
* The four dimensions of cognitive capitalism
* A taxonomy of the immaterial parasites
* The bicephalous multitude
* The grammar of sabotage

This text is an extract of a forthcoming book (autumn 2008) for the Studies in Network Cultures, a book series of the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, published by NAi Publishers, Rotterdam.

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