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m-cult was established in 2000 to support production, research and development of new media culture by an active involvement in the practices, policies and structures of the field. Aiming at a sustainable development of media culture, m-cult works to create productive and critical, interdisciplinary encounters between actors in culture, technology and society.

m-cult focuses on social and cultural innovations in urban, wireless and participatory media, and on developing open infrastructures and transdisciplinary competences in new media culture. m-cult documents practices and disseminates information on digital media culture, consults on media culture and policy development, and organises events to bridge media arts, researc and development.

in 2006-09 m-cult's main objective is to establish a development platform for urban and communicty media in Helsinki. This involves building networks, methods and environments for social participation and media democracy, with the urban TV project M2HZ as key initiative.

Go to M2HZ site.


PL 170, 00531 Helsinki 53, Finland
informer [ at ]

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