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International Journal of Social Spaces


The hallmark of the most exciting developments in contemporary social theory and research is that issues of space and culture are placed to the fore.The distinction of Space and Culture is its grounding in everyday life: the habitual, and the mundane practices which make up the material of contemporary culture.Space and Culture is a cross-disciplinary journal which fosters the publication of reflections on a wide range of socio-spatial arenas such as the home, architecture, urbanism and geopolitics. We encourage the application of contemporary theoretical debates in cultural studies, discourse analysis, post-colonialism to research on sexuality, migrant and diasporic identities, virtual identities and virtual citizenship. Space and Culture is unique in having the explicit mission of bringing cutting-edge theory to the contexts and sites of social change. Editors Rob Shields Carleton University, Canada Joost Van Loon Nottingham-Trent University, UK Greg Ulmer Ryerson University
Space is the aspect of human condition most strongly affected by the current cultural change; and a factor most strongly influencing the direction and the substance of that change. Tracing, monitoring and recording the complex interaction and mutual impact of space and culture is a task whose importance and urgency can hardly be equaled by any other topic on the social-scientific agenda, and Space and Culture journal has performed that task over recent years with thoroughness and consistency unequalled by any other periodical or serial publication. Just as the journal's subject matter is central to the present-day social sciences, so has the journal become central to their practitioners. "Zygmunt Bauman, 2001.

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