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Cyberspace, Hypertext, and Critical Theory Web


Like the Victorian and Postcolonial Literature webs, this collection of interlinked materials, which by April 1998 has grown to include some 7,000 documents and images, began as an Intermedia web that supported courses taught at Brown University. In 1992 all materials were transferred to Eastgate Systems's Storyspace and then, in 1995, to html.
The great majority of the materials in the Cyberspace Web the web consists of student projects from my courses on Hypertext and Literary Theory and Cyberspace, Virtual Reality, and Critical Theory, but people from outside Brown have also added materials and suggestions.
Contributions, suggestions, and corrections are always welcome. If you'd like to make one, please contact me at
Both Cyberspace and Critical Theory are rather esoteric words by themselves, so the juxtaposition of the two may be daunting for someone unfamiliar with the either discipline. On the most basic level, the overlap of these two areas deals with the consequences, physical, psychological, philosophical, and moral, of digital technology. More specifically, Cyberspace primarily deals with the virtual interactions that are possible by using networked computers. Critical Theory analysizes how these interactions effect communication, discourse, and the development of ideas.
Hi. I'll be your tour guide for a short exploration of the Cyberspace and Critical Theory web. I'll lead you around this web site explaining the history, commentary and ideas you'll find. This tour is filled with lots of links designed to show you a variety of aspects of this site. There are also off site links that I'll include which help to explain some of the ideas you'll find here. Feel free to leave this tour at anytime to explore on your own. I'm qualified to help you on this tour because I've learned it all myself just very recently. This fact wonderfully illustrates a point about hypertext, the interlinked text based system that you're taking this tour in. Another point about hypertext is that you can follow me on a path of your chosing and it will seem to you I'm giving a private tour, but at any time hundreds of other people might be taking the same tour with me and choosing other paths. Unlike printed books or face to face interactions, hypertext does not follow a linear path.

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