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Cybersociology Magazine was launched on 10 October 1997 as a forum for the cross-disciplinary academic discussion of life online. It ran for approximately two years, until 01 September 1999, and seven web based issues were published:

  • Issue 1: Cybersex and Cyber-Romance
  • Issue 2: Virtual Communities
  • Issue 3: Digital Third Worlds
  • Issue 4: Open Topic
  • Issue 5: Grassroots Political Activism Online (co-edited with Micz Flor)
  • Issue 6: Research Methodology Online
  • Issue 7: Religion Online / Techno-Spiritualism (co-edited with Michel Bauwens)
  • Contributors ranged from established authors with numerous published books to people publishing work for the first time, from tenured university professors to students at both the postgraduate and undergraduate level, from the USA to many countries of Europe to Nigeria.

    Cybersociology Magazine was edited by Robin Hamman who, at the time, had completed his MA in Sociology at the University of Essex and was studying towards his MPhil and later was involved with the Hypermedia Research Centre at the University of Westminster.

    Articles by Robin have appeared in a number of edited book collections, magazines and major newspapers. He's frequently interviewed by print and broadcast journalists from around the world, including The Independent, Miami Times, BBC Radio 2, BBC television and others.

    Robin is now a Senior Community Producer and Senior Broadcast Journalist for the BBC where he is currently heading up the BBC blogs trial, is co-producer for the BBC Manchester Blog and occasionally reports for BBC Five Live's radio programme Pods and Blogs. He blogs at

    Robin holds a BA in Education (Drake, 1995), MA in Sociology with Distinction (Essex, 1996), MPhil in Communication Studies (Univ of Liverpool, 1999) and a Pg Dip in Law (Hertfordshire, 2006). He is currently (2006-2007) also a visiting non-residential fellow at the Stanford University's Cyberlaw Program. He lives near London, England.

    Cybersociology Magazine has been visited at least half a million times and, potentially, two or three times that since statistics have been tracked only sporadically over the years. The site was originally hosted on Demon Internet but was moved to typepad starting in October 2006.

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