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Net Porn

A collection of resources about

6 items


Warporn Warpunk



Pasquinelli, Matteo

Come è possibile pensaredi fermare la guerra a mani nude? L”opinione pubblica nowar che riempie le piazze di tutto il mondo e le democrazie cosmetiche dello stato di diritto dimostrano di fare ben poco contro lo scatenamento militare USA. Contro gli istinti di una superpotenza non c”è ragione che tenga, la forza omicida si può fermare solo contrapponendole un”altra forza. Tutti i giorni assistiamo alla dimostrazione della dura legge darwiniana: la storia è fatta da un confronto spietato di forze e il resto è solo libertà d”espressione esercitata nei salotti.



Netporn: nuovi territori "tattici!"



Pasquinelli, Matteo

Intervista a Matteo Pasquinelli a cura di Tatiana Bazzichelli



Female Icons / Performing Evidence: AUGUSTINE


As the veritable ’star’ of the photographic iconography of hysteria that was assembled under the direction of Jean-Martin Charcot in the late 19th century, Augustine has become an icon of a particular fantasy of femininity. Her photographs have been a source of inspiration as well as intense critical debate, both then and now.



Art and politics of netporn



On September 30 and October 1, 2005 the first academic conference on netporn was held in Amsterdam. It was organized by the Institute of Network Cultures, Katrien Jacobs and Matteo Pasquinelli. The Art and Politics of Netporn presented multiple perspectives on our growing immersion in pornographic web-based media. Furthermore, it discussed the potential of art and critical research in times of heightened information surveillance, filtering and censorship.



The Application of Ethnographic Methodology in the Study of Cybersex



Hamman, Robin


Text based computer mediated communication (CMC) has recently been the focus of many ethnographic studies by social scientists. In my own research of cybersex, I followed the lead of these researchers and utilised ethnographic methods but encountered several significant difficulties. These difficulties include the lack of parameters for users of text based virtual environments, the necessity of online interviews rather than face to face ones, and the frequent misinterpretations that occur due to the narrow bandwidth of text based CMC.



The Naked Truth: Internet-Eroticism and The Search



Erotic / pornographic sites (from now on: X-sites [1]) are among the most popular on the internet and form one of its constitutive moments. Worldwide there are, depending on the estimation, between two and ten million of them. They signify a phenomenon of important dimensions, whose economic, societal and cultural consequences are hardly surveyable, but that surely are and will become gigantic.




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