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Cyberculture: An Annotated Bibliography 1996-1998

Cyberculture: An Annotated Bibliography 1996-1998


Silver David

The following entries help to introduce and contextualize the emerging field of cyberculture. While some of the entries explore how cyberculture came to be, others examine how it could be. Unlike so many popular, hype-driven essays and articles (or what Mark Dery calls "cyberdrool") written about the Net, the entries included in this section are more historically, politically, and/or theoretically grounded. Taken together, the following books, essays, and articles represent a spectrum of perspectives regarding the Internet. While Negroponte and, to a certain extent, Benedikt celebrate its existence, Besser, Boal, and Shapiro question its application(s). Somewhere in between lie cultural critics such as Bruckman and Hayles, scholars less interested in celebrating or rejecting cyberculture than in defining its potential and parameters.