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Tag: sesso e internet



Sex and Sexuality

Call to submit to the theme "Sex and Sexuality" at
the upcoming Digital Art and Culture '09 Conference
The Deadline for abstracts is May 1, 2009.

The Sex and Sexuality theme brings together artists and researchers
interested in exploring the interconnections of sexuality, sexual acts
digital media: the ways in which digital media shapes and channels
desires and identifications, as well as the kinds of sexual dynamics
that become attached to encounters with and though media technologies.
Possible directions range from (but are not limited to) the aesthetics
of sex art to online cultures of sexuality, porn distribution, sexual
politics, and sensuous intimacies with new technologies.

Theme leaders:
Jordan Crandall, UCSD, Visual Arts Department <jcrandall@ucsd.edu>
Susanna Paasonen, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

DAC09 Submission and Review will take place entirely online, in a
two-stage selection and review process - abstracts of proposed papers
will be submitted in the first round, then, pending selection, full
papers. Aspiring presenters will lodge a proposal abstract, identifying
chosen theme, by May 1. Please note that you must associate each
submission with a conference Theme.

Reviewers will assess abstracts and subsequently, invitations to submit
papers will be sent by email. Papers deadline will be June 1, 2009. A
second round review process will then occur. Notification of accepted
paper will be sent by email by September 1, and final formatted papers
will be due by October 1 for compilation into the DAC09 Proceedings
which will be distributed at the conference