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Tag: città e metropoli



Shifting Metropolis


Thursday, 23 April, 2009 14:00 - Saturday, 25 April, 2009 18:00 OKNO would like to invite you to take part in the Shifting Metropolis workshop. Shifting Metropolis aims to let the inhabitants of the city describe it by gathering and mapping material found and created. Any media can be used, it doesn't matter whether it's images, sound, video, text, code, 3d models, patches...


Workshop: Digital Cities 6: Concepts, Methods and Systems of Urban Informatics

Transport grids, building complexes, information and communication technology, social networks and people form the bones, organs, muscles, nerves and cell tissue of a city. Studying the organisation and structure of these systems may seem straightforward at first, since there are visible artifacts and tangible objects that we can observe and examine. We can count the number of cars on the road, the number of apartments in a building, the number of emails on our computer screens and the number of profiles on social networking sites


Occupied London /Red Plan: The Image of the City in the Age of Late Capitalism

Pula Group

The neoliberal transition diminished the influence of public institutions and, consequently, created the basis for a continuing crisis that is most visible in cities. The effects of this crisis appear in many separate events that point out the inefficacy of today's city planning. These events are becoming more intense, frequent and more visible in the everyday life of the city. The city is disintegrating along the lines of infinite particular interests, torn apart by unrest and discontent. No one can predict where the next protest against some spatial intervention will take place -- the revolt is out of control. However, these revolts do not simply cause damage to the city; they are examples of how to act in this city. Since that system is based on conflict as the main mode of communication, we can speak of an emerging understanding of the city as a restless field of conflicts.


Culture extreme

Canevacci Massimo

Intervista dalla trasmissione televisiva Il Grillo (25/4/2001) Rai Educational


New York City's Two Global Geoghraphies of Talk

Sassen Saskia

Two 24-hour geographies. Both are actually rolling, but one is the same actors as they move across the globe, the other is a geography of countries of origin, a roving talk machine that moves across the globe. They capture globalization in action – talking.