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Tag: locale globale


centro di ricerca

The Transnational Project

Transnational flows of capital, people, information and images are transforming our worlds; they are also challenging researchers to develop new theoretical and methodological practices to study and account for them. The TransNationalism Project takes on this challenge.


Territory and Deterritory: Inside and Outside the ESF 2004, New Movement Subjectivities

Nunes Rodrigo

The path that led from the ESF in 2003 to the following edition in London was a lot less straightforward than a mere crossing of the channel; it went through a lot more detours and accidents, and raises important questions as to the present situation of European movements in their processes of deterritorialisaton and reterritorialisation.


Global culture, local cultures, and the Internet: the Thai example


This paper addresses the questions of whether, and if so, how and to what extent the Internet brings about homogenization of the local cultures in the world. It examines a particular case, that of Thai culture, through an investigation and interpretation of a Usenet newsgroup, soc.culture.thai.