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Kac Eduardo



For the past fifteen years, increasing numbers of artists around the world are working in collaborative mode with telecommunications. In their 'works', which we shall refer to as 'events', images and graphics are not created as the ultimate goal or the final product, as it is common in the fine arts. Employing computers, video, modems and other devices, these artists use visuals as part of a much larger interactive, bi-directional communication context. Images and graphics are created not simply to be transmitted by an artist from one point to another, but to spark a multidirectional visual dialogue with other artists and participants in remote locations. This visual dialogue assumes that images will be changed and transformed throughout the process as much as speech gets interrupted, complemented, altered and reconfigured in a spontaneous face-to-face conversation. Once an event is over, images and graphics stand not as the "result", but as documentation of the process of visual dialogue promoted by the participants.

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