) will be held during 2-3-4 September,
2009, in Barcelona, Spain as part of Mobile Life Conferences and
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1st International Conference on Mobile Development




1st International Conference on Mobile Development

Barcellona, Spagna

Mobile technologies have significant impact on not only individual
life, societies and organizations but also on economies. This impact
is clearly visible for the developing economies in Africa, Latin
America and parts of the Asia.

mDevelopment 2009 aims to explore the impact of the mobile
technologies on economic and social development and invites all
professionals from public, private, non-profit and third sector org
organizations to create a prime platform for knowledge exchange and

Research paper submission deadline is the 1st of June 2009 and
proposals for practice talks, workshops, tutorials, special sessions,
are open and ongoing. Proposals for exhibiting demos, mobile devices,
applications and services for mobile government are also welcome.

The umbrella platform, Mobile LIfe 2009, explores and disseminates
knowledge, applications and services aiming to convert the impact of
mobile technologies to economical and social welfare for individuals,
societies, governments, businesses and economies. mLIfe 2009 hosts two
other conferences this year.

-- EURO mGOV 2009: The 4th European Conference on Mobile Government
-- mSOCIETY 2009: The Second Int. Conference on Mobile Society

The conference is organized by the Mobile Government Consortium Int.
) in cooperation with the Barcelona City Council. It is a platform
for effective interaction and dissemination of knowledge among public
and private sector professionals, and researchers.

For more on submissions, participation, exhibitions of demos and
applications, please visit or send email to


Tecnologie della mobilitÓ,