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Hypermedia Research Centre

Hypermedia Research Centre



The Hypermedia Research Centre is a research group composed of academics, artists, artisans, designers and writers. We are based in the School of Media, Art and Design at the University of Westminster University in London, UK. It is home to the MA degree in Hypermedia Studies. See LEGACY, the alumni site, to find out what ex-HRC students are doing now and explore samples of their work produced on the course. NEWS • Staff and students from the HRC appeared at the lastCybersalon event, 'New Media Education' on Thursday 17th June at the DANA Centre, London. Over the past decade, new media degree courses have proliferated across higher education. Cybersalon casts a critical eye over the priorities and purposes of these courses. Is their primary purpose to equip students with the skills needed to get a job in the new media sector? Or should they concentrate on providing students with an opportunity for experimentation and exploration? These and other questions were examined at the New Media Education Cybersalon. This event was accompanied by ‘Diaspora’: a show of current work by students and alumni of the MA in Hypermedia Studies.

We are a research group composed of academics, artists, artisans, designers and writers. We are based at the Harrow campus of the University of Westminster in London, England. As well as carrying out academic research and working in the commercial sector, we teach on the MA in Hypermedia Studies, the PhD in Communications, the BA in Contemporary Media Practice and other degree courses at the University of Westminster.

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